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Success Stories and Testimonials

“I loved that my son wanted to join in and do it too. He keeps playing it over and over! Moms complain that they struggle to find time to exercise because of their children, but this DVD gives them no excuses!”
-Nicci Austin, RN and mom to 2 1/3 year-old Oliver and 5 month-old Timothy

“Very professional, easy to follow instructions, excellent demonstration of technique, FUN, with kid, quick to do, thorough. KidLifting is a great way to bond with your kid and lots of fun! Good specifics on body mechanics. Short and attainable in a busy day. Fun with kid while staying in shape!”
-Jamie Wallach, MD, Pediatrician/entrepreneur and mom to Adam: 3 and 3/4, and Naomi and Nathan: 15 months

“It's a quick form of exercise for Mom(s) and even Dad(s) who can't get to the gym on a regular basis, plus it's a great way to interact with your child(ren). My husband enjoyed getting a quick workout with his daughter. Sierra enjoyed the music and dancing with the DVD.”
-Karen Picht, Homemaker and mom to Ashley 16, AJ 13, Sierra 2 3/4, Samantha 10 mos.

“I would recommend this to my friends because the exercises are quite easy to do in your own home and don't require lots of space. Also, it's a nice way of getting in some exercise without having to give up on quality mommy time with your toddler. The exercises are simple and very doable. Really love the concept. Like that the video really tries to keep the child engaged too!”
-Ivy Chen, Attorney and mom to Ethan Matsubayashi, 22 months old.

“I love the concept of working out with your child! What a great idea! Moms can exercise with their child instead of while they are napping or getting someone to watch them while they go to the gym.”
-Richelle Griffin, Mom to Tyler 2 (turning 3 in Sept.) and Cole 11 months.

“You can do it whenever you (and your kid) like, without setting up lots of equipment!”
-Erika Ricketts, Mom to grown kids Mark & Steve, who used a 10# sack of rice for the workout!

“KidLifting is a great time saver for working out with your child. A great option for when you're traveling and can't get to a gym, or when you are too busy to get to a gym. I really like the concept of being able to get in the strength portion of a workout with my child instead of having to trying to do it when he naps. My son loved it all and wanted to do it again. His favorite moves were kid swing, hug squats, bridge, over mama, and raspberry curls. Of course he really liked watching Katie and copying what she was doing.”
-Sherry Heller, Mom to Jared - 5.5 years, Kyle - 3 years, Zachary - 2 months.

“I liked how practical it seemed to be to do with an active child. I also liked that it was a free form in the sense that you work with the child and not try to force them to do a certain goal. Easy to work into a mom's life with a little toddler.”
-Patti Boor, Stay at home mom with Mollie - almost 3, and Allison - almost 4 mos.

“It is a quick workout, that breaks out a sweat even just doing one set. It also allows for chasing your kid throughout.... and I think will inspire Sophie to work out with me too. My daughter's favorite parts of the DVD were the chase scenes, and the times when they were on all fours. All in all I was surprised I could get her to play along! I am looking forward to using this at least three times this week. I think my little one will get the idea about the fun of movement and exercise. Of course she adds her favorite songs to the exercises too!!!!”
-Maxine Chicoine-Bagoye, Stay at home mom for now, Sophie is 31 months.

“Fun to watch. Easy to follow. My husband and I are going to create a boot camp for ourselves twice per week using this DVD. I have many friends who are moms who want to exercise, but feel like taking care of their babies creates an obstacle... This offers encouragement and a great solution! Someone should contact Oprah Winfrey and Mothering Magazine about this, because it helps address a world-wide issue for moms who think that they can't exercise because it's just one more thing on their list that they can never get to.”
-Mindy Weck, Massage Instructor and mom to Maya, 15 mos.

“It is realistic, fun, and once you go through it, it is easy to integrate into the daily grind. Even if you aren't in front of the video, you can do bits and parts while playing with the kids. Gets you extra workout if you have to give each kid their 'turn'!! Augie loved parts of it too!”
-Katie Elbring, Mom to Augie, 2 years old.

“I love the simplicity of the exercises and the fact you do not have to do the whole routine each time, especially when your kids are not cooperating!”
-Kim Rott, Lab assistant and mom to Zackary 3, and Alyssa 9 months.

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