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Maren and Katie


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Our Story

KidLifting creator, Maren Sederquist, knows how hard it is to fit exercise into your day when you’re the parent of a toddler. As a mom and a health and fitness expert, Maren developed a way to work out with your kid that will get you fit while you both have fun. While Maren teaches you proper form and safety, Maren’s daughter Katie pulls your kid in and shows them how much fun exercise can be. Not only will you be a good influence on your kid, but they will motivate you by asking you to work out with them over and over again!

If you’re a working mom you want to spend every second you’re not at work with your kids. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you’re busy with your kids’ activities and it’s hard to find time to do good things for yourself. I’ve played both roles, and found I needed to figure out a way to get my workouts in with my daughter.

Cardio workouts were easier to do since I could put Katie in the stroller and go for a run, or even just dance to music or chase Katie around the house. Getting my strength workouts in was more of a challenge, so I developed a strength exercise program that I could do with my daughter!
Maren Sederquist, MES, CSCS, CPT

The media has made us acutely aware that adults in our nation are more obese than ever and that we need to do something about it. With rising incidence of diabetes, heart disease and other complications of obesity, along with rising health care costs, it’s an epidemic we can’t ignore. However, with all the attention it gets, we have yet to reverse the trend. Prevention has typically been a hard sell for a country that doesn't do well with gratification delay. Maren hopes the dramatic increase in childhood obesity will finally propel others along with her to make a change.

The CDC National Center for Health Statistics shows the percentage of children and teens that are obese has tripled over the last 2 decades. We may not have enough of a sense of mortality to take care of ourselves, but we want the best for our kids. Hopefully this will finally spark us to do something for the future of our kids, and as a result will benefit ourselves as well!

Our Mission

KidLifting Production's mission is to
put an end to childhood obesity
(and therefore adult obesity)
by helping parents
with their responsibility to set a good example,
provide opportunity for fun activity
and incorporate exercise into daily life.

Maren's Bio

Maren Sederquist, MES, CSCS, CPT is the creator and on-camera performer for the KidLifting series. Maren is mom to Katie Ricketts (3 years old) and Colin Ricketts (3 months old). She is an internationally recognized fitness expert and owner of HealthFIT, a personal training and fitness consulting firm serving the Silicon Valley. “Helping you fit health & fitness into your life.” She is the publisher of HealthFIT News, a monthly newsletter devoted to keeping its readers fit for health and wellness. Subscription information, as well as past articles and tips, can be found online at www.healthfitonline.com or by writing to Maren.

Maren is a certified Medical Exercise Specialist as well as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer. She’s helped healthy individuals, as well as those with injuries and illnesses achieve their health and fitness goals for 18 years. Maren specializes in clients who have medical concerns that need extra attention in program design. Her experience with new moms and those with back pain give her excellent qualifications for creating a program with special attention to the posture carrying a kid often creates.

Maren loves running, biking and lifting weights. She used to participate in various other adventurous outdoor activities, but now spends most of her outdoor time in parks playing with Katie! 

Maren created KidLifting as a solution for getting her own strength workouts in. She wanted a way to exercise with Katie that would keep Katie engaged, and show her that exercising is fun and a part of daily life. She knows that taking care of herself is important for her ability to take the best care of Katie she can, and that she needs to keep up her strength to keep up with Katie as she grows!

Katie's Bio

Katie Sederquist Ricketts, the daughter of Maren Sederquist and Steve Ricketts, was born October 11, 2003, and was 2 years and 3 months old at the time of filming.

Katie’s favorite exercises are squats, burpees, and pushups. She goes with her mom to one or two client workouts a day, and assists in showing clients how to do exercises. Sometimes she even has a suggestion of an exercise to do herself!

Katie is an excellent climber, and she can’t wait to go rock climbing. She runs races with her mom and dad on weekends, riding in her jogging stroller until she gets antsy. Then she gets out and runs alongside the stroller until she gets tired and wants a ride again. In March 2006, she ran over a mile of the 10K!